You've likely seen the commercial where a woman is shopping for a car, and after getting told how reliable and fun to drive the Camry is, says it sounds like she hit the jackpot and then her hunky boyfriend shows up with a Mochachino and a puppy he just rescued, right?

Well, it turns out the hunky boyfriend has an El Paso connection. His name is Damon Dayoub, and his father, Richard Dayoub, is the president of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce. Damon graduated from Coronado High School in 1998 and attended UT in Austin before moving to California.

According to his IMDB page, the 33-year-old has popped up in quite a few commercials over the last couple of years -- most notably the ad -- and in three episodes of “NCIS” this season as Adam Eshel, Ziva’s Israeli friend. And based on the reaction his brief appearance in the Toyota commercial is getting from a lot of ladies, don't be surprised if you see a lot more of Damon in the future.