Steve Bannon, a key adviser in President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and top strategist in the Trump White House until he was fired in the summer of 2017, has been charged with defrauding hundreds of thousands of people who donated to his online fundraising campaign to build a border wall.

You can find out all about his nonsense by watching this video:

Bannon's group, We Build the Wall, came to El Paso in June of last year and is responsible for the 'border wall' in Sunland Park, New Mexico that you can see trashing the mountain when you're on Executive Center heading for I-10.

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

At the time, Bannon told a local news station that "the wall is not a solution for immigration, but rather the beginning of a solution."

Actually, the We Build the Wall group should have called itself We Bilk Trump Supporters. Bannon and his group, allegedly, stole money from the very group of people who thought they were doing good for the country by donating their hard earned money to stop the "scourge" of immigration. Trump supporters believed in building a wall on the southern border enough to give money to people who said they would protect America from being overrun by illegal immigrants. Instead, those supporters got fleeced to the tune of millions of dollars and El Paso and New Mexico got a hideous, ineffective wall that will scar our mountain for who knows how long.

It's no secret where I stand on Donald Trump or the stupid wall on our mountain, but Trump supporters ought to be really pissed off that Steve Bannon and his cronies lied to their faces when they said they were going to help keep the country safe from illegal immigrants while they were picking their pockets for millions of dollars.

I'm glad they got caught and I hope they have to pay back every dime they stole.

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