These photos have people quacking up.

Stevie Gidden posted these photos of a goose attacking her five-year-old sister, Summer (she referred to the bird as a duck) in Spring, Tex. To say the tweet has caught fire would be like saying ducks like bread.

Yup, it's been liked and retweeted more than 100,000 times, making the poor little girl's episode go viral.

Summer didn't sustain any injuries and has embraced her moment in the sun with grace, telling KHOU, "It's funny."

And while you may think Stevie is a mean sister for turning Summer's horrific experience with the entire world, she doesn't see it that way at all.

“She’s famous,” Stevie said. “I knew (Summer) would be one day. A lot of people are relating to it. I’m talking to my friends on Twitter (who) are saying, 'This is why I hate ducks,' or 'This is why I hate geese.'”

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