If you are curious about what people were using Google to search, they’ve released their yearly video and in my opinion if triggers the waterworks. I saw a few comments that immediately said “I cried” but I didn’t really pay it any mind and hit play. Only a few seconds into the video I caught myself choking up and by the end certainly fighting back years. I just didn’t realize how much trauma humankind went through in what felt like a short 365 days. A few of the more shocking searches include “How do wildfires start? How far can North Korean missiles go? How much will the wall cost? How to help Puerto Rico? How to help Mexico? How many refugees are in the world? How do hurricanes form? How to board up a window? and the heart wrenching - How to calm a dog during a storm?” The video which is intended to recap a year that we share strikes a chord and I noticed that friends commenting on the video that I shared on my social media had the same melancholy, scared and heartbroken reaction. See for yourself below:

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