Hashtag Lunchbag is a movement that brings together the community with a simple good deed.

Created by a group of Los Angeles friends during Christmas time, back in 2012, their goal was to give back to local communities. Now their actions of thinking globally but acting locally has found it's way to El Paso.

On September 30th, grab your friends and head over to One : One to join a group of big hearted El Pasoans to pack some lunches for homeless individuals in the borderland. The way the group works to get all the lunches packed, with a touch of kindness, is with volunteers and donations.

If you can be a volunteer, you can participate in three stations. The first is the sandwich station. Second is a love note station to decorate the bags with. Third, is the bagging and gathering station. If you can't be a volunteer, you can send a donation of $10 for supplies.

With all these words of helping each other all over social media, it's time to actually take some action. Hopefully, this can be one of many events that will help our community and help you do a good deed.

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