‘Spectrum’ is Florence + the Machine‘s sixth music video in barely a year’s time, including five from their ‘Ceremonials’ album and the ‘Breath of Life’ video from the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ film. But this one may be their most dramatic and eye-catching visual yet.

Directed by John Byrne with famed photographer David LaChapelle, the clip, subtitled ‘The Queen,’ opens with an image that looks like a scene from a fashion shoot, with Florence Welch seated on a throne next to a massive chandelier. A few strategically-placed sources of light brighten the scene, including one oddly positioned between her legs.

When the song reaches its “Say my name!” hook, the scene shifts to an empty floor where Florence stands between male and female ballerinas who twirl around in time with the music. One little girl with long red hair, a juvenile Florence look-alike, takes a shot at joining the dance routine. Eventually, the dancers hold their queen aloft in a sign of respect.

Florence gets to try out a number of different outfits, including a sparking gold bodysuit with a low V-cut and a backless sequined gown. She finally ends up lying on the ground as the song fades out, the long train of her dress taking up half the room.

“I grew up being obsessed with musicals,” Florence explains in behind-the-scenes footage. “What we’re kind of making here is a visual controlled chaos. It’s big and colorful.”

Watch the Florence + the Machine ‘Spectrum’ Video

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