Flo-Rida isn’t shy about enlisting hot Latino rappers in his previous hits. Pitbull has graced listeners ears on a few of Flo’s biggest hit songs and so he’s tapped Latino superstar Maluma to attempt to recreate his radio slayage magic. Maluma is popular for songs like Corazon, Felices Los 4 and more (but also arguably for his really good looks!). Rumors were rampant about Maluma attempting a crossover into the American market to target the United States demographic. Britney Spears’ comeback album Glory was causing a commotion and many fans were petitioning that she release Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) and feature Maluma but B’s camp didn’t end up promoting a 3rd single off of her record leaving Maluma up for grabs whichever popstar was going to be responsible for introducing him to the rest of America. Flo-Rida enlists Maluma which can be heard rapping/singing in English and Spanish for another club-hit notch that Flo-Rida can add to his belt. Check out the music video for Hola below:

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