FBI agents executed a search warrant on an east El Paso home yesterday.

Justice Dept Finds FBI Abuse Of Patriot Act Provision
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Eyewitnesses say they saw agents in tactical gear and that they heard two flash-bang charges go off.

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Here’s the report that aired on KVIA yesterday.

Today, it was reported that the raid and arrest of El Pasoan David Rene Arredondo had to do with the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building.

We know the charges Arredondo faces. They include assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting a law enforcement officer, and other misdemeanor charges.

We don’t know yet any of the specifics about what Arredondo is accused of…like if he stole Mike Pence’s podium or farted in Nancy Pelosi’s chair or anything like that. We might have some of those details later today.

Mr. Arredondo is expected to appear in court today, Thursday, October 27.

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As far as the misdemeanor charges, which could include trespassing or non-violent disorderly conduct.  Most of the accused rioters don’t get lengthy sentences (if they don’t have serious criminal records).

Those charged with assaulting police officers, as Mr. Arredondo will likely be, have been hit with lengthier sentences.

It’s not ALL downside for those accused of attacking the Capitol.  Depending on the company one keeps, it might even be considered a “badge of honor”. The RNC has already called the Jan. 6 riots, a “legitimate political protest” and Fox News pundits have called these people “patriots” and even “political prisoners”.

If someone who just participated in the Capitol riots can go to prison for a long time, it makes you wonder what the DOJ would do if they ever figured out who the mastermind of the whole thing was.

Oh, right.

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