A couple of days ago, I did a lunch edition of Fat And 45.  You can find it by scrolling down.  The lunch edition centered on leftover roasted chicken.  Well, I had a little bit left, and we're watching the NCAA Tournament tonight, so I'm making the ultimate sports watching food - PIZZA!

To make this pizza, take a Boboli crust, brush lightly with olive oil all the way to the edges and sprinkle with dried Italian seasoning herbs.  Spread a prepared alfredo sauce as heavily as you like your sauce, and sprinkle lightly with dried chili pepper flakes.  Put thinly sliced tomatos, onions, drained chopped canned spinach, fresh basil leaves, and chopped roasted chicken evenly on the crust.  Spoon little mounds of fat free ricotta cheese all over the pizza.  Bake at 425 degrees for 10-20 minutes or until everything is as golden bubbly as you like it. 

There aren't many ingredients and you can tailor it to your tastes.  Use marinara sauce for a more traditional pizza.  Use cooked shrimp, cooked ground meat, cooked sausage, pepperoni, cubed ham, or whatever meats you want.  Thinly sliced fresh veggies give the pizza a gourmet taste.  And the good thing is you control the portions, so be aware of how many calories are in the sauce you use because that will be the biggest calorie count on the pizza.