A lot of us go through some tough times that call for some alone time and away from the city lights and sounds. While there are people who prefer to get hammered and be around loud sounds there are some who prefer peace and quiet personal me time. Now El Paso has different areas that offer drinks and music another place minutes away from El Paso offers you time with nature.

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Instead of actually traveling further than you would like just head out to Chaparral, New Mexico instead. There is a unique Airbnb that is minutes from El Paso that isn't like any other Airbnb. This Airbnb is where you would go to escape and get away from it all that has you feeling like you're not at home which is kind of the point.

This Airbnb is unique because of the unique dome shape of the house and a staircase kids would love climbing. Bailey & Nadia are super hosts and rent out the dome-like Airbnb to guests who are looking for a staycation away from the city lights and sounds.

The best perk about the dome house is being able to enjoy stargazing even better while enjoying a bonfire. You can scroll through the photos so you can visualize your future staycation either with a significant other, friends, kids or alone.

I know where I will be checking in if I ever want to escape the city lights and sounds for some personal me time in the future. If you would like to know more or see what dates are available to stay in the dome house just click here.

The Dome Home

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