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That didn’t go as planned...... 🎥 @viridiann.a

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Dude. No. Congratulations to all those 2019 El Paso graduates who proudly walked across the stage and received their diplomas, over the weekend. As a two-time UTEP grad, I know the nerves that come with walking up on that stage, while trying to remember how to shake hands and grab a diploma. It happens so fast so it is hard to make it a very unique moment. One EPCC grad decided to take his moment on the stage to a whole new level by doing a really cool backflip. Instead of it being really cool, it just looked really painful. After the announcement of the grad's name, you see him ask for one second and decides to flip. Instead, it looks like a twitch and BOOM, lands right on his head. All those years spent in class, learning new things, has led up to this moment and instead of living in the moment, he might have hit his head so hard he forgot everything. Congrats, Grad!

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