El Paso Locomotive FC games at Southwest University Park will include cardboard cutouts of fans throughout the stadium.

Details are still in the process of being worked out as far as exactly how many fans will be allowed to physically attend Locomotive soccer games, so the team has announced an innovative way to make sure fans who can’t attend games are still in the stadium.

Deemed “Cutout Conductors”, these 19” x 36” cardboard cutouts will include a high-resolution photo from the waist up of fans wearing their Locomotive gear.  It’ll cost fans just $35 to get one cutout placed in Southwest University Park during Locos games with the net proceeds benefiting local COVID-19 relief funds.  The cost per cutout will decrease for fans who buy more than one.

If that wasn’t cool enough, once the season is over fans will have their cardboard cutout signed by a Locomotive player and returned as a keepsake.

A Locomotive staff member got the idea from a soccer team in Germany the team figured it would be a great way to keep fans engaged and connected during what’s shaping up to be a non-traditional soccer season.  No word yet on if you’ll be able to sit next to your cutout should you attend in person.

Information on how to become a Cutout Conductor can be found by clicking here.  The website will allow fans to select how many cutouts they would like to purchase as well as upload pictures of them wearing their Locomotives gear.

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