For so many years, the Better Business Bureau has been keeping an eye out for consumers and businesses. You might have heard the name Better Business Bureau but might not know what they do.

The BBB was developed in 1912 and from the beginning, it was designed to give customers a place to go where they could find out which businesses had a good reputation and which might be businesses that they wanted to avoid. It also gave business owners a place where they could go to get certified as a business that was highly rated in the marketplace. Over the years, the BBB has developed the trust of consumers and businesses, and so many consumers look for the mark of the BBB to tell them that a certain business is a good place in which to spend their money. Businesses know that getting that BBB certification is a mark of excellence.

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But in this day and age, do we really need the BBB? I think we do. Anyone can go online and give a good or bad review of a business, but the BBB is not affiliated with any government agency and it doesn’t endorse any business. That means you can trust the reviews of the businesses because there are no internet trolls behind a good or bad review. That’s what makes the BBB so important in this digital age.


93.1 KISS FM and the Better Business have teamed up to salute businesses and their employees with the ‘Made My Day’ award. We want to know if you’ve gotten great customer service from a business and we want to reward that great customer service. It’s super easy:

1. Send us a selfie of you and the employee through the KISS FM mobile app, by tapping the upper left menu in our app.
2. Once you send your selfie through the app, we’ll send you an entry that could make your customer service superstar winner of the week’s BBB “Made My Day” award. If they win you both get a $50 gift certificate to Carlos & Mickey’s, where service is a priority.

If you are having trouble submitting your selfie through the app, watch this video with the help of Monika:

The first ‘Made My Day’ award winner will be announced Friday,  July 19th.

You can make someone's day and also submit an entry for an employee by filling out the form below.

BBB Make My Day Award Nomination

We would love to hear from you about the employee who made your day! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.