As the 2022 midterms wrap up, one of the arguments that will remain is Texas is feuding with California.

Texans really don't like Californians. They see California's beliefs as outrageous and extreme left theories. Many people have even been moving out of California to come live in Texas, including some of my favorite comedians.

As someone who considers herself part Californian, since my Mom is from East Los Angeles, I don't see the big deal. I do have some disappointment with Texas beliefs but I can't afford to move.

So I try to find a happy medium between my California beliefs and Texas roots.

One way we might be able to soften some angry Texans is with the magic of encouraging words.

A Hotline The World Desperately Needs

According to The Guardian, back in March 2022, students from Southern California created a hotline you can call when you are in need of some inspiration. Honestly, you can just call it to put a smile on your face or to have a good cry. Don't worry the tears are from cuteness, not from mean words.

These kids are adorable and honestly I applaud how great these inspirational words are. My favorite involves a child telling me to go shopping so I can feel better.

I had no idea this was going on back in March, but the phone number is making the rounds on social media again. Please make your own day and call 707-873-7862.

I have been battling COVID for the past week and was feeling pretty down, so I decided to give the hotline the call. I started crying because the words were just too cute and I really needed to hear them.

Keep the Calls Coming

In order for this hotline to continue to be such a success, the students need donations. If you can find some extra change to donate to this hotline, please do here.

These political battles between Texans and Californias could learn something from these kids.

The sweetness and magic that can be found in most children seems to diminish as life hits them. Don't let our future generations continue this weird anger between states. Take some time to just hear some words of encouragement and live by them.

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