Rumors travel, and the good ones travel fast. That's why Emma Watson had to come down hard on a particularly viral rumor that she was secretly dating Prince Harry. In a tweet posted early Sunday morning, Watson wrote:

While Watson wasn't tremendously specific, it's believed that she was referring to an article posted in the Australian magazine Woman's Day. The piece includes details - which Watson seems to argue may be fictional - about how Prince Harry approached the actress on the set of Harry Potter.

Of course, many fans would like to see nothing more than to see some of the UK's famous celebrities start dating. But gossip is just that - gossip. While it tastes delicious, it's almost never good for you.

In the past year, Watson has risen from her Harry Potter films to become a prominent speaker and defender of women's rights. Earlier last year, Watson made a cogent speech at the United Nations advocating for women's equality across the globe. Her Twitter platform is by turns funny, smart, and serious. She is creatively prolific and actively socially engaged.

We love Emma Watson, and we don't mean to pry. But Emma -- next time you do date someone - please let us know. We want to make sure that -- whoever it is -- they're good enough for you.

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