They gotta call it 2ella right? If it’s not, we may have to boycott.

Whatever it’s called, a sequel to the prequel Cruella is officially in the works, with star Emma Stone set to return as the title character. Isn’t a sequel to a prequel just ... the first movie that the prequel was a prequel to in the first place? In this case it might be, as the final scenes of Cruella strongly teased the start of the plot of the original 101 Dalmatians. (Those scenes didn’t really quite make sense with the rest of the movie, which depicted Cruella as more of a cool anti-hero than a dog-hating mega-villain, but I guess that’s irrelevant when there’s more movies and money to be made.)

Deadline that this sequel is still “a ways off” and it’s “not certain at this time whether the movie will be a pure theatrical release or like its predecessor released simultaneously in homes.” Cruella was released last spring both in theaters and on Disney+. It grossed over $220 million worldwide in theaters and an undisclosed amount in $30 fees on Disney+.

Deadline also notes that Stone’s deal is “mutually benefits both sides especially at a time when Disney is still assessing the dynamic window model on its event titles,” and it comes on the heels of Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against the company, alleging that putting Black Widow on Disney+ cost her untold millions of dollars that she would have received if the film had only been released in theaters. It would appear that Stone got the sort of deal offering some kind of streaming compensation that Johansson claims she did not have on Black Widow.

If you haven‘t seen it yet, the first Cruella will be available for all Disney+ subscribers without a Premier Access fee on August 27.

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