Not only does El Paso have its own Paranormal Museum, but resident ghosts from the past also occupy it.

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Located in the heart of downtown El Paso tucked just a few steps from the newly built Plaza Hotel parking lot sits El Paso's Paranormal Museum.

The museum is a treasure trove of historical items and sits next door to the old Wigwam Saloon, dating back to the 1880s.  The saloon was even known as one of the top five saloons of the Old West, and the former stomping grounds of John Wesley Hardin and today is considered the last saloon of its kind standing.


The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Inc. (Ghosts915) is a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to restoring and preserving historical landmarks in our city. The non-profit organization uses the space as a museum providing ghost tours year-round for the benefit of maintaining our city's history with plans to renovate the Wigwam Saloon.

The museum is home to many old artifacts, including creepy porcelain dolls, old bottles, and ticket stubs, and wrappers found during renovations to the building. The museum also houses many items on loan from Dave's Pawnshop that are too creepy such as an odd and eerie-looking doll (Juju) that was once locked in a lead box given to the museum for safekeeping.

This building is so haunted that video and regular security footage have captured knocks, bangs, and footsteps when no one is in the building. Ghost hunters and locals also have seen a child and a lady in white that goes by the name of Lily, and she is an active entity who seems to interact with people, as can be seen in the video below, where she slaps the phone out of a ghost hunter.

Just this month, a family from Oklahoma visited the museum only to encounter tons of paranormal activity, including having one of their children's hair pulled. The family also went down to the basement where Lily is said to hang.


During their tour, the family captured an image of a white spot hovering over her designated chair. Lily's roaming ghost is just one of the images of many paranormal activities at the museum.

Other occurrences include the porcelain dolls on the floor after being placed inside a display case without explanation. Crew members renovating the space have also run out of the building because they have seen, felt, or heard something that scared them so much that they refuse to continue working.


Want to check it out for yourself?

The fine folks at the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society are more than happy to welcome you. Admission is free, but a donation is always appreciated.

El Paso's Paranormal Museum is such a hot spot that it makes our list of most Haunted El Paso locations on the borderland.

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