On late afternoon Sunday, El Pasoans took to social media to show off an impressive double rainbow visible across the Sun City.

Ryan Orion Montes

From San Elizario to West El Paso, these are some of the photographed images of the beautiful whole double rainbow that formed above the city on late afternoon Sunday.

Estela Casas

El Pasoans took to social media to share their photos of the double rainbow, one over the church in San Elizario, another taken from the Lost Dog Trail off Redd, and even over Southwest Park in downtown El Paso.

Jaime Navarro

We here at the radio station studios were also able to spot the double rainbow off Executive and N Mesa Street.

Duke Keith

From glorious sunsets to colorful double rainbows, El Pasoans are notorious for capturing some pretty amazing photographs around the Sun City, including:

A breathtaking photo, which almost looks as if the image was photographed from above, looking down into a sea of blue, shows a rare cloud phenomenon called a fire or cloud rainbow distinguished by its colorful flame-like appearance. 

Sam Cassiano

A weird optical illusion made us believe the sun was setting in the East instead of West El Paso.

Susan Dubow

A stunning photograph of the rare Super Blood Flower Moon hanging over Mt. Cristo Rey.

J Garcia Imagery

And then there was the perfect rainbow photographed over El Paso High School.

David Palmer

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Rainbows form when light enters and bend out of raindrops in the air, and when a double rainbow pops up, you bet folks are going to take pictures.

Lorenzo Luevano

It’s not often that we get to see a perfect rainbow from end to end, but in reality, rainbows are circles; but we just can’t see them in their complete form from the ground. So the conditions have to be perfect to spot a rainbow, making these pictures that much more special.

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