It’s the summer of Agua Fresca de Mazapan in El Paso, TX.

Among the most iconic Mexican candies is the popular De la Rosa Mazapan – the sweet confection that is made out of peanuts and sugar.

The sweet treat is favored not just for its creamy and delicious taste but because it’s also fun to unwrap. The gist is to unwrap the disc patty without breaking or cracking the candy which ultimately does crumble to pieces.

In El Paso, Mazapan Lattes are nothing new, you can find them at places like the Coffee Box in downtown El Paso or Global Coffee Roasters off Zaragosa. Agua de Mazapan isn’t new either yet this summer it seems that more people are discovering the refreshing and creamy sweet concoction.

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So what does it taste like? Well, it’s similar to Horchata but with more of a peanut flavor.

If you want to taste what the fuss is all about you can hit up the local food truck El Chucoviché-Maríscos y Michéladas out on Montana which seems to be the new place to score the refreshing drink.

If you want to make a pitcher instead – check out this easy recipe courtesy of Mrs. Ana’s Salty Cocina.

Happy Sipping!


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