This is why we can't have nice things.

After the incredible rains that hit El Paso and the surrounding areas pretty hard, one area turned into an unexpected oasis.

The salt flats found east from El Paso to the peaks of the Guadalupe Mountains national park have turned into a water wonderland. This wonderland has attracted many curious visitors who are taking advantage of the water not draining out.

The water has made the salt flats an amazing photo backdrop, as you can see from Mountain Monday's photos. While this adventurer isn't the only one making the trip out to the flats, she is calling out those who aren't picking up after their visits.

As beautiful as everyone is describing these flats, you would think they would want to preserve that beauty. According to Mountain Monday, there are some people who are trashing the place.

In the caption of Mountain Monday's post, she was able to pick up some of the trash she saw but shares a friendly message to "leave the outside how you found it." Basically, she is reminded people to follow beach etiquette.

Since El Paso is always so dry, people might be confused with that term. You do not really need to know the term, you should just be a decent human being. I would think visitors would just have the common sense to not trash a place they don't own but this Instagram post just makes you question the kindness in people.

After a lockdown, you would think people would appreciate the outdoors and the opportunities to have fun with family, but we might just have to go into lockdown if we continue to mistreat the gifts mother nature gives us.

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