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If you are a foodie, El Paso may not be the place for you. According to the folks at Movoto Real Estate, El Paso among others, ranks as one of the worst cities in the country for real foodies.

All the foodies I know love to hang out in their kitchens and cook and throw fabulous cocktail parties.

As much as I hate to admit it, El Paso is behind when it comes to selection and variety.

But, I have hope for our city, I see it growing everyday and I think that we are getting closer to bridging that gap. People love food, good food and the sooner we can get the city to catch up, the sooner we’ll be off this list.  

Movoto Real Estate took the 100 most populous cities across the country and based their criteria on restaurants per capita, bakeries, food trucks, ice cream shops, candy shops, food and wine festivals, caterers and gourmet grocery stores.

How did El Paso rank, well keep in mind that the #1 slot was the worst faired city for foodies.

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