Head up Borderland! Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo that we are still in the Winter season and she’s bringing us Spring-like weather for the first half of this week, but it's not the good type of Spring weather we all crave.

First, let’s start off with those temperatures. If you stepped outside today with a jacket on you probably quickly realized that you won’t need that jacket at all this afternoon. Our afternoon highs are expected to reach 76 degrees today, according to the National Weather Service. That puts us at 16 degrees ABOVE the average high.

Now, to those winds that will have many of you allergy sufferers reaching for your tissue and allergy meds all day. According to the National Weather service, strong wind gusts are expected to push through El Paso on Wednesday with gusts of up to 50 mph expected. Blowing dust and sand will also be joining those winds throughout the day which means reduced visibility will be a major issue as well as fire weather warnings.

A high wind warning for portions of the region including El Paso and Las Cruces has been issued by The National Weather Service.

Thursday will still be a windy day but not quite as windy as what we’re expecting on Wednesday. So make sure to tie down your trampoline's all week because if it flies into your neighbors yard then it's their property now!

Don’t worry though, this Spring-like weather will exit our area as a cold front pushes through Wednesday night. Afternoon highs on Thursday will drop right back down to the 50s and will remain in the 50s for the rest of the week before they warm back up to the 70s on Sunday.

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk!

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