If happiness on Halloween night is a pillowcase full of candy, you can't do much better than trick-or-treating in El Paso. According to SmartAsset, our city is among the "Best Places to Trick-or-Treat In."

The financial website looked at the 258 largest cities in the U.S. and based its rankings on seven factors that included home prices, number of residents under the age of 15, crime statistics, and weather. Their voodoo science determined El Paso was the sixth best place in America to go house to house in search of diabetes in a wrapper.

El Paso was the only city in Texas to make the top ten.

Per the results of their most recent study, it isn’t ghosts and goblins, or even crime you and the kids should fear on All Hallows’ Eve -- “it is the heat you have to look out for.”

While many residents in northern states may worry about cold temperatures on Halloween, in El Paso it is the heat you have to look out for. El Paso around Halloween has historically averaged about 70 degrees. Any hotter than that and you may find yourself sweating through your makeup and costume.

Oh those silly Easterners and their real winters. “About 70” is perfect weather for candy begging.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have bags of mini Reese's Cups and Kit Kat bars to buy -- and I don't mean so that I can hand them out on Halloween. Don't judge.

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