About a month ago, I stumbled up Joe Anthony Guerrero. He is a TikTok star who resides in Fort Bliss. He is originally from Atlanta but is showing so much love to El Paso as he is stationed here.

Well, El Paso Independent School District and Guerrero have teamed up for a TikTok collaboration. Not sure who initiated the whole thing, but it is a beautiful partnership.

According to the caption of EPISD's TikTok, these soldiers asked to volunteer and they couldn't be happier for the help! One of those soldiers was the famous Guerrero.


When they ask you to volunteer at an EPISD school! Thank you 🇺🇸 U.S. Army Fort Bliss soldiers for volunteering 🙌👏@joejoe7711 ##iamepisd

♬ original sound - ElPasoISD

I am not even sure if the EPISD staff knew just how big a TikTok star their volunteer is, but they knew to take advantage of his filming and shared the video on their own personal TikTok.

You can also spot the video on Guerrero's account.


For a one take and done, this was great! Wish everyone could’ve popped up! May have to return with the squad and make another! 😂🙏🏻

♬ Hillbilly type beet - Dadood

It may be a quick video, but it sure does put a smile on your face! The pink pom poms mixed with the military uniforms is a perfect collaboration of not only school pride but USA pride.

Who knows, maybe Guerrero will pop up at more schools to make TikToks? Now that could be a cool series many El Pasoans would love.

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