Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and recently I noticed that many parents were asking around in Facebook groups what they should get their child’s teacher for the special holiday.

I put on my investigative reporter hat and asked a few teacher friends what gifts they enjoy receiving the most during the Valentine’s Day holiday. Some responses were simple but thoughtful gifts you can buy, but there were a few that cost no money! 

Here’s a look at the best gifts you can get your child’s teacher…. According to El Paso teachers themselves:

Iris Valentine's Day Graphic

Gift Cards:

The highest response when I asked this question was gift cards! I mean, who doesn’t love a good ole fashioned gift card these days.

While some teachers simply asked for ANY type of gift card, others went into detail and said gift cards to Target, Starbucks, or Dunkin’ Donuts would be ideal. Teachers need coffee! (Especially any teacher that has to spend all day with my energetic child.)

Starbucks Gift Card

Now, if you’re one of those parents who likes to get creative with any gift you give to your child’s teacher then consider dressing up the gift card with a nice balloon, flowers, or even a DIY gift card holder, The Dollar Tree for the win!

DIY Gift Card holder idea
Courtesy: Desiree_amandaj


I mean. Duh! Teachers have to deal with our little humans eight  hours a day, five days a week. They deserve some “Teacher Juice” for the weekends!

However, be mindful that some teachers may not be drinkers. (Bless their souls) So a good idea might be to ask the teacher ahead of time before you gift them with any type of alcohol.


Water bottles or coffee mugs filled with goodies:

Everyone uses water bottles and coffee mugs these days so this gift idea is sure to be a hit with any teacher. To add a little love to the gift you can throw some small gifts in the water bottle or coffee mug that the teacher can use.

Things to throw in can include pencils, erasers, dry erase markers, candies or even a gift card!

Teacher Mug
Teacher Mug

Now, as for those gifts that cost ZERO dollars? Here are a few responses that had me giggling.

Instagram response
Courtesy: sye1384 via Instagram

Having your child finish their assignments on time was one suggestion. *laughing in mom*

Instagram Response
Courtesy: _shelrae via Instagram

A break and a day off was another suggestion. These responses came from non-teachers but I'm sure teachers can agree on these answers.

And last on the list was a simple but meaningful option. A handmade poem.

Twitter Response

As a mom, I know the best gift my son could ever give me, aside from tequila, is something from his heart and that he made on his own.

For teachers, I'm sure that these types of gifts are something that means the most to them as well. (The homemade gifts, not the tequila.) It's even better when your child uses a skill their teacher just taught them to create the special gift.

Homemade letter gift

Overall, teachers will appreciate any gift you get them but the best gift anyone can EVER give a teacher is praise and words of encouragement for the amazing job they do despite these difficult times.

During my time as a substitute teacher, I saw that the job teachers and ANY school administrator does is not an easy one.

Times are tough right now and sometimes just reminding someone that they’re doing a great job despite the challenging circumstances they're in is the best gift you can give them.

Teacher Valentine's Day Gifts

But seriously, if you’re not good with words then booze is probably a pretty good alternative. Just saying.

Teacher Gift Ideas

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