Just in time for Halloween, a fun Murder Mystery Dinner – Midnight at the Masquerade will debut in El Paso hosted by The Manor this Saturday.  

The Manor
The Manor

Love mysteries, crime-solving, and masquerades along with intrigue, fine wine, and delectable eats? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Midnight at The Masquerade: Murder Mystery is right up your alley.  

El Paso sleuths are invited to participate in a two-hour interactive mystery event that brings the mystique of a masquerade and a dramatic mystery as it unfolds in real-time to discover a killer's true identity amongst its guests.  

The Manor
The Manor

The live masquerade party will have attendees become the characters while gathering clues and solving the mystery together.  

Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery before the masked killer gets away?  


  • Admission : Adults - $125 / Kids - $40 / (plus fees)
  • The ticket includes 3 -course dinner, a complimentary glass of champagne upon arriving, and a complimentary glass of wine with dinner. (non-alcoholic beverages available) 
  • To purchase tickets – click HERE.  

Participants are also encouraged to dress up donning masquerade attire, and no worries because if you forget your trusty masquerade mask, The Manor will provide one.

Venice Carnival
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Wondering what can pass as masquerade attire?  

Break out with your best tuxedo and formal gown. But if you really want to make an entrance, turn to films such as Phantom of The Opera, Sleepy Hollow, or Labyrinth for inspiration. Attendees can also use makeup masks, toy swords, capes, costume jewelry, and feathered hairpieces to create an enchanting masquerade costume.  

Whatever you decide to wear, we can bet this murder mystery will be worth the dress-up.  

  • MIDNIGHT AT THE MASQUERADE: Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Saturday 16, 2021, at 5 p.m. 
  • The Manor: 1011 N. Mesa, 79902 
  • All ages - Play rated PG 13+

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