El Paso is apparently full of Ed Hardy t-shirt wearing, Axe body spray smelling men who love cranking the Drake music. At least according to the real estate website Estately, which reached that conclusion after conducting a so-called “study” that determined El Paso is populated by more “douche bags” than any other city in the U.S. except for Laredo, Texas.

The site based its dubious findings on the percentage of men who listed what was referred to as “douchie items” such as Nickelback, Axe, Ed Hardy, Chris Brown, Vin Diesel, mixed martial arts, and Bluetooth as “interests” on their Facebook pages. Here’s how they described a typical EP d-b:

“There’s simply nothing like an El Paso summer’s eve. Everybody hops in Chad’s Hummer, they turn up Drake, hit the local bars for Jägerbombs and Amaretto sours, and then finish up with everyone getting a matching bellybutton piercing. It’s a daily douche-tastrophe in El Paso.”

Well, what can I tell you? We certainly have our fair share of arrogant, obnoxious jerks, but matching bellybutton piercings? Whaa?! Our d-bags are more the tribal tattoo kind of guys. You can read the entire article which includes a Top 100 cities ranking here.