As more movie theaters in El Paso are being constructed, have you ever thought about the history you have with a certain one? The newest movies catch your attention but do you have any memories that keep you coming back to that theater? It might be weird but I do.


I've been going to Cinemark Tinseltown with my family for as long as I can remember. I really don't go out to many places with my family but when we do it's usually the movies. My first date with my boyfriend was at Tinseltown on Valentine's Day. It was so awkward but so sweet because it was the first time a guy actually took me to the movies for a date.

Another time at Tinseltown, I almost had a heart attack because I ran like zombies were after me. I left my wallet in one of the seats and remembered by the time we arrived at the car. Luckily, I went to the last showing and no one stole it! I still get jokes from my friends about how bad I freaked out!

Do you have any sweet or hilarious memories from a night at the movies? Tell me all about it! As you leave a comment, check out the best thing to happen during the movie previews! I wish my boyfriend was this creative!

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