El Paso’s highest elected office won't be filled until December.

Current El Paso Mayor Dee Margo and former mayor Oscar Leeser finished 1 and 2 in Tuesday’s mayoral race. Unofficial final results on the county elections website show Leeser received over 30,000 more votes than Margo, garnering 87,8181 votes or 42.5% to Margo’s 51,168 votes or 24.7%. Despite Leeser's large margin of victory, it did not reach the 51% threshold, resulting in the mayoral race heading to a runoff.

The run-off election has been set for Sat., Dec. 12. Early voting begins Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Margo is no stranger to run-offs. He and businessman David Saucedo were involved in a run-off election for mayor in 2017, with Margo winning the job in one of the lowest turnouts in the city's history.

Leeser was first elected mayor in 2013, but because of health issues chose not to seek another term. With that behind him, he announced in 2019 he would run again in 2020, telling a local news station he wanted to "continue to do what I did for the four years I was in office.”

Whomever wins in December will take office in January and serve a four-year term.

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