Growing up some of us had parents that thought it would be cool to let us kids "drive" the car. Now I am not talking about actually driving but I mean where they let you think you're driving.

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There are some kids that are looking forward to a big event that is all about them. Plus as a parent, you will be excited to see your kids feel the excitement while checking out car races.

The times I had gone out to the race track with some friends who would race, I would see a ton of kids out there. The kids enjoyed asking to take pictures with the cars that would be racing at El Paso Motorplex in Clint.

Now the kids can feel the same adrenaline every race car driver feels before a race. How you may ask? Well, kids ages 4 to 9 will have the opportunity to race at Kidtona Power Car Race.

As it is kids feel all sorts of excitement when they're driving behind the wheel of their toy cars. If your kid is the kind to turn the television on and watch race cars you've got a mission ahead.

El Paso Parks and Recreation shared some exciting news that kids who have been wanting to race finally can. Kids can rev their engines again at Kidtona Power Car Race on April 23.

There will be different categories your child can race in depending on how modified their power car is. But all racers must wear a helmet if they plan on participating in the race.

You can get more details by contacting (915) 212-0580 or stopping by any recreation center. You can see what it is all about by checking out the YouTube video the City of El Paso Texas shared of Kidtona Power Car Race from 2019 below.

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