Someone in our little corner of the desert capped off his or her Thanksgiving weekend with millions of reasons to be grateful.

The El Pasoan – or New Mexican or Juarense -- became the latest member of the instant millionaire club after winning Saturday night’s Lotto Texas drawing. The El Paso ticket was the only one with all six winning numbers making the lucky local the sole winner of the $9 million jackpot.

According to the Texas Lottery website, the ticket was sold at the 7-11 on Brown Street near the Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus. The winning numbers were not Quick Picks and the future retiree chose the cash value option giving him or her 7.45 million reasons to never show up for work again.

After the taxman gets his cut, they’re only going to bank a little over 5 mil, but it’s still a pretty good lump sum -- especially if you don't have to split it with anyone else.

So, good for you, nouveau riche El Pasoan. Even though we don't yet know who you are, I’m pretty sure we’re related. So, can I borrow a few bucks? I promise I’ll pay you back. No, really.

But, seriously, congratulations. I sincerely hope your newfound wealth is a blessing for you and your loved ones. Now, about that loan.

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