The El Paso Fire Department took to social media to remind El Pasoans to dispose of used masks and gloves properly.

The El Paso Fire Department recently issued a stern reminder by taking to Instagram reminding us to dispose of masks and gloves properly instead of littering.

El Paso Fire Instagram

The PSA post reads:

“#PSA If you are doing this and discarding your masks by just littering. You. Are. WRONG.

Discarding them like that, waiting for cleaning personnel to clean up after you is not nice, is not being smart, and it’s not okay.

Dispose of them properly, improperly disposed masks and gloves are both environmental contamination and a health hazard!“

Glove 1 MA

I myself have been taking pictures of gloves that I’ve seen strewn across asphalts everywhere from my trips to the store or to get gas. Just yesterday as I was making my bi-weekly run to the store I thanked a lady who picked up a lone glove that was dumped on the parking lot near her vehicle. She herself was wearing gloves and cautiously picked up the littered glove as she made her way to the trash to dump it along with the gloves she was wearing.

Glove 2 MA

It baffles me to think that folks would assume that dumping used masks and gloves is okay. Littering is not okay, especially when we are all trying our best to stay safe from the invisible enemy of COVID 19. Find a trash can or carry an extra bag with you to dispose of properly later if there is no trash bin in sight, but please do not litter your masks and gloves during this health crisis.

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