For a while we've been teased about the emergence of a new video game set in El Paso called El Paso, Elsewhere. The indie video company who's creating the game, Strange Scaffold, is founded by Xalavier Nelson, Jr. In an interview with NME, he wanted to keep his ties to his home in El Paso in this project.

Well I have some exciting news, there finally IS a video game out with El Paso ties from Strange Scaffold that's out now called: El Paso, Nightmare.

The trailer came out on Tuesday, the 25th to the surprise of everyone. One look at the trailer for EPN & it's clear they took some pages out of classic 1st person shooters/horror games like Doom & Resident Evil.

You play the role of an IT programmer Luis Rojas, a man who stumbled upon another dimension after leaving his motel room trying to get a bucket of ice. Luis has to fight his way through hordes of vampires, werewolves & other horrible creatures while he tries to survive & get back to reality.

Since the game came out, a couple of YouTubers have played the game quite extensively online through livestreams.

El Paso, Elsewhere IS still in the making so this game is a nice little spin off within the EPE universe to hold fans up until the main game comes out in 2023.

We still look forward to playing El Paso, Elsewhere. And when it comes out, I know a ton of people will want to play the game for themselves, including a couple who work here. Myself included.

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