I love El Paso history and I was recently asked to be a part of the El Paso County Historical Society. The Society has been around since the early 50s and they are more than just a repository for books and papers of El Paso's past, it is a living history of our area. Earlier this year, EPCHS put out a book, Lost Restaurants of El Paso, that chronicled the history of food and restaurants in the area. Friday, July 23, the Society will hold a Middle Eastern dinner and discussion via Zoom.

My Lebanese family came to El Paso in the early 1900s, following in the footsteps of many families from the region who came up through Mexico. So many families stayed in Mexico and South America including Salma Hayak and Shakira's family. We'll be discussing why the families chose to immigrate into Mexico and the contributions they made to not only food but music and the culture.

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

Included in the price of the ticket for Friday's event is a delicious meal from Lebanese restaurant El Layali including falafel, hummus, cabbage rolls (malfoof), and other delights. Meals will be available to pick up the afternoon of the July 23 from 2 — 6 p.m. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time.

The Society will be holding similar talks that will touch on the Chinese, Jewish, African American, and other ethnicities that make up the melting pot that is El Paso. The event is a fundraiser and membership drive for the El Paso County Historical Society. If you need more information about becoming a member you can click here. Be a part of the living history of El Paso with the El Paso County Historical Society.

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