A must-do activity for many during the holiday season is to indulge in all the holiday flavors.

From cakes to coffee, during Thanksgiving and Christmas, new flavors start rolling into your beloved local businesses and are sold out by corporate ones.

Here in El Paso, I have seen some local businesses really get into the holiday spirit and include the most recognizable holiday flavors into their coffee and baked goods.

I have such an addiction to cranberry and eggnog-flavored things this time of year. As a pregnant woman, I am envious of everyone who is chugging different eggnog drinks all around town. I really have to watch my caffeine intake, but the temptation is real!

For those of you ready to just drench yourself in holiday flavors, you need to start making a list of local coffee flavors and checking them twice, so you do not miss any you are dying to try.

Below, you can scroll through some mouth-watering coffee photoshoots and then plan out how you can taste all the flavors around El Paso. Only one of the places featured below is a brand of a corporate company, but they are still serving you lovely locals with their one location.

I know other big businesses have started early with their holiday flavors, but when you can support locals, please try to do so, especially during the holiday season. Drink some eggnog-flavored coffee in my honor.

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