Ok El Paso residents, tonight is the night where you can get your questions answered on a very hot topic. The proposed 50 million dollar Baseball Stadium to be built Downtown.

City Reps. Steve Ortega, Dr. Michiel Noe, Cortney Niland, Eddie Holguin and Susie Byrd will host four community meetings tonight.

1. Ortega and Noe will host a meeting at The Mission Valley Regional Command Center at 9011 Escobar at 7pm.

2. Niland will be at The Westside Regional Command Center at 4801 Osborne at 7pm.

3. Byrd will host at The Nolan Richardson Recreational Center at 4435 Maxwell at 7pm.

4. Holguin will answer questions at Cleveland Square Park at 510 N. Santa Fe St at 6pm.

Here's your chance to have your voices heard and express your opinions. Let us know what happens and post on our website at kisselpaso.com or on our Facebook page at Kiss Elpaso.




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