To pee or not to pee, that is the question. The answer is, if you need to pee, you won’t be able to at the newly renovated San Jacinto Plaza.


San Jacinto has been closed for 2 years because of a 6 million dollar renovation, but when it reopens in February, it will be without restroom facilities. El Paso City Council voted against spending an additional $400,000 for the installation and inspection of self-cleaning restrooms.

San Jacinto project manager, Rick Venegas, said there is no money in the budget for that, but when asked by KVIA if there was money in the budget for a regular restroom facility, Venegas said he didn’t know because it’s not an option Council asked him to pursue.

One city rep said a further delay in the project to build the restrooms would send a bad message to the public, and didn’t feel the restrooms were necessary.

The 6 million dollar renovation of San Jacinto Plaza is expected to be complete in February.