The internet is at it again!

What was once an adorable children’s cartoon is now a viral internet trend that is showcasing the insecurities and toxic traits of all of us and I am LIVING FOR IT!

Little Miss and Mr. Men:

So, The Mr. Men characters were created back in 1971 as part of a series of books that featured yellow creatures with wiggly arms on the cover with the name of these characters being “Mr. Tickle.”

That series was a success and it led to the creation of “Little Miss Bossy,” “Little Miss Naughty,” and Little Miss Sunshine.”


OK, But How Did The Meme Become An Internet Sensation?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Instagram user @juulpuppy has claimed to be the “uncredited creator” of the meme.

The user shared on their Instagram a photo of one of their original memes with the caption reading,"my initial 30 little miss/mr. memes went viral and birthed subsequent meme pages on TikTok and Instagram and thousands of followers for other creators using this template!"

Since then, the memes have spread to other accounts that post the characters, like @littlemissnotesapp, and @starbucksslayqueen.

The memes are a parody of the classic “Little Miss” characters but they feature relatable topics that deal with anything from mental and physical struggles to bad habits, toxic traits, and other red flag issues.

In true El Paso form, borderland businesses and organizations decided to jump on the trend and share “Little Miss” memes that relate to their business.

Take A Look at The Best El Paso Related “Little Miss” Memes:

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