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I have been having the hardest time picking out a costume this year. I miss the days when my parents would say we have no money for a costume but still manage to create the cutest costumes. While I still have no money, and no time to make a costume myself, so I logged onto Amazon. I decided to take inspiration from El Paso stereotypes and costumes to come up with some El Paso inspired ideas.


El Paso is known for having some amazing food, that even Guy Fieri recognizes. If you are feeling salty, get yourself this taco costume. Everyone will obviously love it because everyone is always shouting Taco Tuesday around the area. If you want to go as a couple, have someone dress up as Guy Fieri and you will be the hit of any party.

The Franklin Mountain:

Not sure if this can be customized, but you can ask a local shop to make you a cloak with a photo of the Franklin Mountains and BOOM, easy costume. Plus wearing a cape is the best! To add some flare, you could add some LED lights to the Franklin Star.

Cincinnati Street:

The iconic El Paso nightlife area is best known for a crazy amount of drinking. If you decide to go out for Halloween, why not just get to the point about why you are out there? Beer. You can easily order from the bar as you point to yourself, PLUS they can't ignore you like a usual night out because you are dressed up as a big beer.

A Sun for the Sun City:

We all know El Paso's nickname is the Sun City, so why not be the sun. If you want to get fancy, put on a sombrero and you can be the Amigo Man!

A Traffic Cone:

We all love to make fun of the traffic in El Paso but nothing is more terrifying than TxDot screwing up our traffic route to work or home. You can chase people around saying, "You're Late" or "Road Closed Ahead."

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