As fun as the time-honored tradition of navigating your way through a maze of corn stalks is, you don't really get the full awesomeness of the design from the map they give you before you set out on your winding adventure.

Not like you do when you scope it out from high above.

The cool video below featuring a bird's eye view of the La Union Maze was recorded by the KFOX 14 drone. Not only do you get a great perspective on how much work and planning goes into creating a corn maze, you realize how just easy it is to get lost in one.

This year's design pays homage to the Monarch Butterfly's epic 3,000 mile annual migration through Texas, and features several butterflies and the words '3000 Mile Flight' cut into the 13-acre field.

It was recently named one of the Top 25 Best Mazes in America by Country Living Magazine.

La Union is one of three 2018 El Paso-Las Cruces Corn Mazes & Pumpkin Patches you can wander hopelessly among the corn stalks in this fall.

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