Drake likes chicken wings, sour Gummi Bears, veggie lasagna and lots of booze, according to a leaked document that lists the ‘Take Care‘ rapper’s dressing room requirements.

Drizzydrake.org posted a copy of the rider on its website. While it doesn’t contain any outrageous demands, the specific details are fascinating. Drake wants a huge spread on linen tablecloths with chicken wings, pasta, salad, rolls, rice, cheese, fruit, and snacks like Doritos and Lay’s chips.

His list of alcohol is lengthy and includes bottles of Hennessy, Grey Goose, Patron and Pinot Grigio. Aside from a bottle of pineapple juice, no other mixers appear on the list, so Drake must be doing a lot of shots! A few non-consumables also appear on the list, such as scented candles, Listerine spray, Nivea chapstick and electric fans.

According to the document, Drake has it a lot better than his band, who have to make do with a deli tray, fruit, and two bottles of alcohol. Hopefully Drizzy shares his extra food with the rest of his crew!

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