Madonna made out with Drake at Coachella over the weekend and, yes, this is a real thing that happened and Drake was maybe not so okay with it.

The Queen of Pop crashed Drake's headlining set on Sunday night (April 12), and during a performance of "Human Nature," leaned over the Canadian rapper and pretty much enveloped his entire mouth with hers in a makeout session so surprising that Drake himself looked pretty freaking shocked. (Seriously, just check out the video above.)

While notably taken by surprise at first, Drake then seemed kind of into it, running his hands in Madonna's hair. Of course, Madonna immediately put the kibosh on any of that, taking his hands and moving them off of her golden mane. She was the one who was clearly in control, running her hands all across Drake's chest before ultimately breaking away. After the kiss, Drake wiped his mouth and put his head down in what appeared to be a mixture of possible disgust and "WTF just happened?" while Madonna just exited the stage by saying, "Bitch, I'm Madonna," like the total badass she is.

Of course, the entire thing was not only caught on video, but on camera as well. Check out a couple snaps of the shocking moment below. Enjoy.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Seemingly responding to haters who turned the stunt into a meme, Madonna responded in kind via Instagram.

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