It has been discussed for years for Las Cruces' Downtown area to get a multilevel parking garage, and now it seems to be even closer to a reality.

Credit: Artem Portnoy
Credit: Artem Portnoy

Yesterday at a city council meeting, city officials signed a 12 month lease agreement on the multilevel parking garage. The lease agreement before the council would enable Las Cruces Community Partners 12 months to do their work.

This will give them time to talk to, and possibly arrange for investors or private developers to determine the possibility of the project. If those details can be worked out, then it's possible a multilevel facility could be built. If not, the community partners could walk away from the deal without any money lost.

A multilevel facility in the downtown area could greatly benefit the community especially with the Farmer's market crowd and events such as the Las Cruces Country Music Festival taking place this weekend.

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