Once a spacey, frantic Finding Nemo sidekick good for a Disney-approved one-liner, Dory will captain her very own adventure in June's Finding Dory. And it's become clear she'll brave hell or high water (ha) to see the mission through.

In the newest trailer for the animated film, Dory vows to leave no barnacle unturned in the quest to find her fish-parents. With the help of pals Marlin and Nemo, she explores hollowed-out sunken cars, swims beside a dolphin pod and finds refuge inside a coffee pot in the name of discovery. But the journey gets temporarily derailed when a pair of boaters snatches Dory out of the sea and dumps her into a cooler. Though she eventually winds up a featured exhibit at the Marine Life Institute, she's no less inspired to press forward.

"Somewhere out there is my family," she pleads to Marlin and Nemo elsewhere in the clip, begging for help. "I can't find them on my own."

Check out the new trailer above, and be sure to see Finding Dory when it hits theaters on June 17.

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