What a treat for the holiday season to know that The President of The United States of America has embraced pop culture like the rest of us! I had the biggest laugh seeing this video that is of course similar to the videos of Barack Obama covering pop songs. My favorite and probably the most recognized auto-tuned manipulated version of Barack Obama covering popular pop songs has to be his rendition of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran! These are so good and really make you wonder how people have so much spare time to create these for our own enjoyment! Brace yourself for the presidential cover of 2017! I lost it when I saw the title and laughed the whole way through. See for yourself! I’m talking about President 45; President Donald Trump covering Camila Cabello’s ode to her Cuban birthplace, Havana! That’s right, check it out below. That is in fact Donald Trump covering Havana by Camila Cabello! Enjoy the laugh!

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