Pass the horchata because we are looking deeper into this lyric. Cardi B is one of the biggest stars and is creative with the lyrics, especially in her latest hit, "Please Me" featuring Bruno Mars. She has been receiving some love for her horchata lyric but my ears are stuck on her "young, dumb, 💩" lyric.

As many El Pasoans and Khalid fans know, "Young, Dumb, Broke" is the title of one of Khalid's hits from his American Teen album. It is no surprise that the mention of these three lyrics together automatically trigger a Khalid reminder but there is no way to really tell if Cardi is calling out Khalid for this lyric:

"Don't want no young dumb sh*t

Better f**k me like we listenin' to Jodeci"

According to, this lyric only refers back to Cardi B and her husband's relationship, where Cardi is declaring she doesn't want a childish relationship. She wants real love like the love described in Jodeci, which is a famous R&B duo, songs. When I first heard the song, I was like, 'OOOO is she saying she doesn't want Khalid love songs?"

I guess that was just my obsession with Khalid and thought it seemed shady when really Cardi is probably just mentioning this to highlight Jodeci's song "Freek'n You" which she used as a sample in "Please Me." I have a feeling I wasn't the only one who thought that too but don't worry, Khalid and Cardi could possible make some sweet music together.

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