Michael Jackson‘s doctor, Conrad Murray, is paying the price for administering the King of Pop the dose of propofol that cost him his life — he’s under extreme security restrictions in jail, and Murray’s lawyer is not having it.

Murray’s attorney, Charles Peckham, claims that Murray is being held like “Hannibal Lecter” in isolation, with even his hands and feet cuffed when the two met for a meeting this week. “This man who saved lives made a mistake,” Peckham said, “and they’re going to make him pay like a mass-murderer.”

The Los Angeles sheriff’s spokesman, Steve Whitmore, defended Murray’s treatment, saying that it was for his own good. “[He] is a real target because of his notoriety and because of the Michael Jackson connection,” Whitmore said. “We’re just being extra cautious right now. This is because of his notoriety. It’s not so much the crime itself.”

Sounds relatively convincing, especially given that a probation reports indicates that Murray was suicidal at the beginning of his incarceration — but even so, his lawyer has a point that a violation of medical ethics, however grave, doesn’t make him a serial killer.

Murray is facing four years in jail for his role in causing Jacko’s death.