Now, I dig me the rock and roll music, and I'll even get up and dance, but I won't dance in public, and there is a perfectly good reason for that!

Do you remember the 'Elaine' dance on Seinfeld?  You remember!  It's the one where she looks like she's having a seizure, kicking a cockroach away with her foot, and maybe even a little bit of the pee-pee dance was thrown in there for good measure.

Well, she looks like Beyonce next to me.

Yes, my name is Patricia Martinez, and girlfriend can't dance.  I learned this at an early age, and haven't subjected the general public to my gyrations ever since my best friend, Yvette, gently pulled me aside and said, "GOOD LORD DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" 

But this Friday and Saturday, at the El Paso Downtown Streetfest, or as we here like to call it, THE BEST FREAKIN' PARTY OF THE YEAR!, you can dance however you want with the Silent DJ.  That's where you put on a pair of headphones and listen to music and dance, but no one else knows what you're dancing to!  We just get to see you shake your moneymaker and groove to the beat! 

And don't even THINK about trying to get me to do that!  There's this little thing called Youtube where embarrassing videos never die, and I'm not about to contribute to that!  But you can, and we'll tape it and post it! 

Need more details about all things Streetfest?

Here they are!  And we'll see you there this Friday and Saturday night!

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