WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: Born in Roswell, New Mexico, she got her start on the soap "General Hospital" ...

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WTW???!!! BEYONCE AND JAY-Z HAVE SPLIT???!!!:  According to the not-always-reliable MediaTakeOut website JAY-Z and BEYONCE have agreed to a TRIAL SEPARATION!!! The goal is to decide if they want to continue with their two year marriage. And the source of their discontent? Babies. As in, he wants some and she doesn't.

Since neither Jay-Z, Beyonce or their reps have commented on the allegation, we can only go with the "evidence" MediaTakeOut has provided:

 1.) Beyonce attended the Grammy Awards without Jay-Z, then spent the night with Gwyneth Paltrow and ...

2.) Jay-Z - and only Jay-Z - recently signed a lease for an LA mansion.

 The hope, their source says," is that with the time apart, the couple will decide to either have kids, or go their separate ways."

TRUCE IN THE HALLE BERRY BABY DADDY DRAMA:  HALLE-BERRY-LUJAH! HALLE BERRY and GABRIEL AUBRY have decided to be civil  to each other and work out their differences regarding custody of two year old Nahla.

A source close to RadarOnline tell them "exclusively" that Halle is NOT going to seek sole custody and will allegedly try to make it easier for Aubry to spend time with their daughter. I'm so happy to hear that. It makes me so sad when beautiful people act so ugly to each other!

JESSICA SIMPSON'S MAN TELLS HER TO LOSE WEIGHT OR ELSE!!!: "Could Be True, Could Be Crap" but according to the National Enquirer, Jessica Simpson's health-nut fiance Eric Johnson has given her an ultimatum -- either the nachos go or he does!!!

Johnson has reportedly been nagging Jess to abandon her junk food favorites, but that's only gotten her depressed enough to chow down more. (-- She supposedly weighs 150 pounds, and is five-foot-three-inches tall.)

A friend tells the rag, "They've recently had some brutal fights, and finally Eric basically told Jess if she didn't lose weight soon, he was calling the whole thing off."

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TATT IS OLD HAT:It turns out the "Eva" tatt PENELOPE CRUZ'S brother EDUARDO has on his arm has nothing to do with alleged girlfriend, EVA LONGORIA.

Eva's rep says it's an old tattoo Eduardo's had since before he met Eva, and it has, quote, "nothing to do with her."

SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: Upon boarding her flight from LA to New York Monday, NICOLE RICHIE Tweeted...

 “I'm not mad at airport security for feeling me up. After all, it is Valentines Day” :) hehe

QUICKIES: 1.) Contrary to what you might have read or heard, the O.J. Simpson prison beat down story was a hoax. The National Inquirer was reporting a 20-something skinhead beat the 63-year-old O.J. so badly he spent three weeks in the prison infirmary. The Juice had reportedly earned the beat down after he'd bragged about his sexual conquests of "beautiful white women."

2.) Paula Abdul is back to having time on her hands again. Her low-rated reality show Live to Dance was canceled after just one season.

Let's hope her sudden unemployment doesn't lead to a‘Bratz’ Style Meltdown’ What’s that, you ask? Back in 2007, Paula was hired to be Executive Producer, Fashion Designer, and Dance Choreographer for the movie ‘Bratz’. A few months later she found out she’d been fired via an e-mail message, which lead to THIS.

3.) Lindsay Lohan is hoping you'll be laughing with her and not at her when she delivers the top 10 list on Thursday's "The Late Show With David Letterman." No word on what the topic will be, but I'm betting whatever it is, she'll STEAL the show! Hi-Yo! Get it? You see, because ... No, YOU shut up!

BABY NEWS:"The Cake Boss", Buddy Valastro, and his wife Lisa with their Valentine's Day baby Carlo Salvatore ...

The newborn was named in honor of their family bakery, Carlo’s, and former colleague Sal Picinich, who died of cancer two weeks ago.

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE??? ... Who's the Roswell native who got her start on "General Hospital"? ...

It's 48 year old DEMI MOORE rockin' a two piece on the beach in the Caribbean over the weekend.