WAS MILEY CYRUS BLACKMAILED???!!!: It turns out MILEY CYRUS' people had been trying for a few weeks to stop the bong hit video seen 'round the world from coming out.
According to TMZ, a college student contacted Miley's people shortly after Thanksgiving asking if they wanted his copy. A rep showed up to the kid's dorm, the student handed over the laptop containing the bong video, and in return he received a new one. Another student who also had a copy got the same deal.

In the end, though, more copies had been made and distributed than Miley's people could get their hands on. And it's a good thing, too, or we would have missed out on Miley's biggest hit! Hi-Yo! I'll be here all week!!

THE OTHER MILEY VIDEO: The Taiwanese animators whose pop culture videos have become Internet sensations are at it again. This time with a video "news" report about the Miley Cyrus bong hit ...

Highlights include Miley hallucinating a giant brown bear, TISH CYRUS leaving BILLY RAY for a shirtless top hat wearing BRET MICHAELS, and Miley driving off with either BRITNEY SPEARS or LINDSAY LOHAN in Herbie the Love Bug. Never mind what Miley was smoking. I want whatever THESE people are on!

SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: Tabloids always print the truth. She should be thanking 'In Touch' for the heads up.

WHY PARIS DIDN'T MAKE THE CUT: You know how we told you yesterday that an elephant made the cut for NICOLE RICHIE'S wedding but PARIS HILTON didn’t? Well, friends of Nicole tell the website Popeater she “agonized” over that decision for months.
In the end, Nicole supposedly realized she was “ in a different place from when she was hanging with Paris” and decided at the last minute it would be best if Paris didn’t attend.

On a related note ... The reason we haven't seen any wedding photos yet is because her reps are still trying to negotiate a deal. Word is they're looking for a $100,000 payout that'll include the pictures and a cover story. (--The couple plans to give the money to charity.)
The New York Post's Page Six says Nicole has been talking to 'People' magazine but that they're relectant to give her the cover "because both Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera (didn't) attend the wedding because of other commitments."

HO, HO, HO: ASHLEE SIMPSON'S "Awkward Holiday Photo" ...

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